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Uploaded April 11, 2016

Recorded April 2016

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9.12 mi

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near Squamish, British Columbia (Canada)

Level, easy biking, mostly on dirt and light gravel with some short pot-hole sections. A good shake-out run if stopping for an hour or two in Squamish before attempting more challenging bicycle venues. Its also an easy, scenic family trip, or a day-trip with picnic plans for the Spit End.

The spit road goes through First Nations Lands with Wildlife Management Area status. The spit road passes through a river delta alongside the scenic Squamish River, where American Bald Eagles are often abundant. At the end there are picnic tables and fine views of Mountains and Shannon Falls seen across the Squamish Docks. The Spit End is a launching place for kite boarders.

In summer a segment along the access road (along railway tracks before joining the spit road) may sometimes be dusty, and fast pick-up trucks might raise large white dust clouds; a mouth covering scarf can help if this is a bother.

Zephyr Cafe, Downtown Squamish

No problem finiding street parking in this general area, right in the center of the main street of Squamish.


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