15.77 mi

Elevation gain

2,018 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,018 ft

Max elevation

73 ft



Min elevation

-206 ft

Trail type



8 hours 28 minutes




April 5, 2017


March 2017

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73 ft
-206 ft
15.77 mi

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near Minnear's Mobile Home Park, Florida (United States)

This bike trip will take you down to the St Johns River and to an old abandoned orange grove. Some of the roads were very sandy, others very bumpy while some were just plain wonderful. We came in from the Dairy Road parking area because we wanted to stop at the overlook on South Lake. We did see some turkeys, a bobcat and a herd of wild hogs (they ran when they saw us, so don't worry). The old orange grove still had some trees with oranges on them, hopefully they will be ripe during your visit. We did venture down to the river (had to walk through the woods) where you can see some old pilings from a dock where in the old days they use to load oranges to ship all over (image, big paddle boats on the St Johns River). There are a number of GEOCaches, as well as Terracaches located in the WMA. There also are a lot of historical locations to scout out if you so desire. We did use semi-trail bikes, but I think you could use any solid bike to get around. You can read more about Salt Lake WMA at my website, This is a WMA, so hunting does take place at different times, check the hunting schedules before entering the area (the states or mine), but just to be safe always wear bright colors. Have wonderful trip!

Bat House


Bench on Side of Road

Bench provided for a rest
Information point

Concrete Cattle Feeder?

Maybe an old feeder or waterier
Car park

Dairy Road Parking Area

Limited parking area
Information point

Old Orange Grove

Orange trees being over grown
Information point

Old Pier Pilings

Old pilings

South Lake Overview


St Johns River View

Information point

Turn for Orange Grove

Indian Field Rd and Bear Bluff

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  • Photo of The Andy

    The Andy Apr 10, 2017

    Glad to see you back Tom! This looks like a nice ride - I've been hiking in the area around South Lake, and paddled to the indian mound and old orange groves (I left from Hatbill Park for that trip). I'll have to drag my bike up there sometime and explore the rest of the area.

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