Moving time  17 minutes

Time  27 minutes

Coordinates 691

Uploaded March 13, 2018

Recorded March 2018

78 f
-23 f
3.01 mi

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near Triñanes, Galicia (España)

This is a very easy bike route to do with whoever you want and have fun.

0,100km-Go ahead all the road.
0,350km-Once you have arrived on the beach, turn left and go straight until you reach the junction.
0,500km-When you are at the crossroads, go straight until the next one.
0,750km-Turn left and go ahead.
1,2km-Turn right and go ahead the road
1,4km-Go straight on along the road.
1.9km-Turn right and go ahead.
2,1km-Go straight on.
2,4km-Turn left
2,5km-Continue forward enjoying the landscape.
2,9km-Turn left and continue along the dirt road until you reach the junction.
3km-Turn left and continue straight until you reach the crossroads of the church.
3,9km-When you get to the crossroads of the church, turn left and when you arrive, turn around and go to the crossroads.
4km-Turn left and go straight.
4,1km-Turn left and go straight on.
4,4km-Turn left and continue straight until the end of the route.

Thanks for enjoying the route.


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