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near Málaga, Andalucía (España)

Really nice round tour under 100km in the Malaga outskirts.

You start in the Plaza de la Constitucion following Calle Cisneros street and then turn right to go up on street Avenida Rosaleda. You keep straight away until this street change the name to be Av. Santiago Ramon y Cajal. Turn right for Botanic Garden and follow it until you see indicators for Presa(right)and later for Casabermeja.

Once you see signs for Casabermeja you are on MA-431 for next 25km. You will cycle across the crown of lake Embalse del Agujero and then between 2 valleys overlooking old and new highways even you will see N.P Montes de Malaga on the right and Almogia on the left side. Surface is very good and helps in this steady climbing. Finally you will downhill to Casabermeja.

Then you have to go under the highway and follow signs for Colmenar/Riogordo/Velez-Malaga. You are on A-356 and keep on to the village Riogordo famous for its honey and fests. It is a nice located village protected by hill.

Then turn back to west and climb on A-7204 to Colmenar. Going through Colmenar you have to undergo another city-climb and turn for N.P.Montes de Malaga. This will lead you to Malaga through high quality road C-345. On your left side you will see impressive location of village Comares on the top of the hill and majestic peak Santopitar with few broadcasting stations.

Reward comes with downhill to Malaga again, it is impossible to be exhausted from this beautiful downhill!!!

Dam Embalse de Agujero


Views to Almogia


Casabermeja [views&food&drink]


Riogordo [views&food&drinks]


Colmenar [food&drink]


Views to Santopitar/Comares


Puerto del Leon [views over Mlg&food&drink]


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