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near Málaga, Andalucía (España)

This is a strong Malaga's challenge!!! Just only 50km with one hill and one downhill.

Start in Plaza de la Constitucion in lovely Malaga. Follow coastal road N 340a for 4km and then keep on the coastal road to El Palo through street Avenida de Salvador Allende. At the bottom turn left for N 340a again for 500m and turn right for A 7001 direction Olias and Colmenar.

After these easy flat 7km you will get lovely 16km of strong climb to N.P.Montes de Malaga. First 8km to Olias are steady and you will climb until 500 m.a.s foolowed by a descend to Olias. All this time there are nice views back to sea.

Since Olias the views change. You will face majestic hill Santopitar with its broadcasting station and on the left side you'll see tops of P.N.Montes de Malaga. This part is much more stronger even you will became a bit exhausted. A strong part is between km 12 and 14. Then you turn left for Colmenar again and last 4km are really easy in compare to previous ones. After 16km you will get it-TOP!!!

And a reward again: restaurant Fuente de la Reina and 19km long descend to Malaga through wide and synoptical road A 7000 with its high quality asphalt. Finish on the same place full of refreshments.

Turning in El Palo




Restaurant Fuente de la Reina (900m)


Turning for Colmenar


  • Tony Truepenny-Phillipson Nov 6, 2016

    I did this ride in early November 2016 and it really is a beautiful one. The climb is certainly a challenging one, as described, but the views are fantastic the whole way up. Quiet roads with an excellent road surface virtually the whole way up and down. The descent is somewhat technical in parts (in comparison to some Alpine descents I've done) due to the sequence of long corners, but these also help make it a very fun descent. The roads on the descent are generally quite wide and all drivers I encountered were considerate.

  • claushoegholm Mar 30, 2018

    Great route. Scenic and beautiful but also a tough climb - with a nice pitstop at the restaurant on the top of Gelway. Descent was also nice, not much traffic and two short but fun tunnels to pass through.

  • bob_stroeken Jul 16, 2018

    Perfect route for a small tour around Malaga. Definitely worthwhile!

  • bob_stroeken Jul 16, 2018

    Perfect route for a small tour around Malaga. Definitely worthwhile!

  • Pawel Marek Mar 21, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great 16km Ascend with beatufil views, very good asphalt and almost no cars

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