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near Iola, Kansas (United States)

The Prairie Spirit Trail State Park is a 52-mile biking and hiking trail built on a former railroad right-of-way. The Prairie Spirit Trail was constructed in stages, beginning with 17 miles from Richmond to Welda in 1996, Ottawa to Richmond in 1998, and Welda to Iola in 2008. A a trail extension was completed in Iola in 2012, completing the route to Iola’s Riverside Park.

The route runs from Iola in the south to Ottawa in the north, passing through the communities of Iola, Carlyle, Colony, Welda, Garnett, Richmond, Princeton, and Ottawa.

The Prairie Spirit Trail is free to use within the city limits of Iola, Garnett, and Ottawa, but the remainder of the trail requires purchase of a permit from the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, payable at trailheads.

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