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near Káto Páfos, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

The Bike
• 86km km from Paphos to Troodos Square
• The route: Pafos (municipal Baths – Achelia – Nikoklia – Agios Nikolaos – Platres – Prodromos – Troodos Square)
• The entire route will be signed with specific O3 –OlympusMan sings. It is the responsibility of each athlete to follow the sings and ride on the correct route. Athletes that exit the route at any point must return to the route from the same point. Shortcuts lead to disqualification of the athlete.
• The organizers will provide aid stations compromising water, fruits, cakes and ready mixed carbohydrates along the bike course. These stations shall be at:
- 36km in Kidasi;
- 57km in Platres; and
- at 76km in Promodros.
A water and feed zone there will be available at Transition 2.

Bike Rules
• In Cyprus traffic drives on the left. The entire bike course is open to ordinary traffic.
• Road traffic regulations must be strictly observed at all times.
• On the bike leg personal support may assist competitors but only at the recognized aid stations as detailed above.

The following violations may lead to time penalties and/or disqualification
• Violating traffic regulations
• Obstructing traffic by not holding to the left whenever possible
• Use of headsets or mobile phones while on the bike
• Pacing on the bike leg, either by car or bike.
• Drafting off another athlete or motor vehicle.

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