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near Málaga, Andalucía (España)

Nice long trip to mountains behind Malaga. Good elevation and kilometers make this trip very interesting.

As always from Malaga center take street Calle Victoria to follow signs Cmn. Colmenar leading to Colmenar via A-7000 famous road to pass ''Puerto del Leon''(900 m.a.s.). After almost 20 km you reach the top and then you will copy border of N.P. Montes de Malaga up to village Colmenar. There you have to go right to take local road A-7204 to Riogordo. The road is a bit destroyed but there is still some narrow space to fly fast down to the city. In Riogordo keep on the same road direction Mondron/Periana. After 7 km you will reach another pass called ''Puerto de Sabar''(590 m.a.s.). Then go down but before Mondron change road for MA-157, sharply left and up. You will climb strong hill/pass called ''Cuesta del Chino'' enriched by old and hard asphalt. It is a very nice scenery when entering a small gorge and narrow pass created by river Sabar. Impressive!!! After 6 km it is going to be moderate and you will come to small village Alfarnatejo.

Enter the main road A-4152/MA-115 to climb another pass called ''Puerto de Alazores''(1.040 m.a.s.). After short downhill you come to double-crossroad turn left for Loja and in 50 meters left again for Villanueva del Trabuco via Ma-225. After 8 km of descent you enter village, nice place to get refreshment and break in generally. Views are excellent!!!

After break you can push on MA-224/A-7203 to Villanueva del Rosario, go through following signs for highway on Ma-231. Go under highway and keep same local road parallel to highway. It takes you to Villanueva del Cauche. There is a big crossroad of many highways close to pass ''Puerto de las Pedrizas''. In village turn right under highways following another local road to Villanueva de la Concepcion. You are climbing to the last pass called ''Puerto del Barco''(829 m.a.s.).

Then you go down to Villanueva de la Concepcion, turn left for Malaga through A-7075. You will stay all the time on this road passing through Siete Revueltas village and then you come to lake ''Casasola''. Keep along and follow signs for Malaga. You are almost back.

Nice passes, km's and elevation are over. I am sure you have loved it!!!
Famous pass over city Malaga including many impressive views and restaurants to be refreshed!!!
Small pass but adequate to practice a bit of strong cadence. It is not as long so you might survive!!!
Hard pass because of inclination and surface. Asphalt is old and hard so it makes climbing harder. Impressive views around when going through gorge make you forget suffering!!!
Classical pass. Nice views and steady climb!!!
Nice white village adequate to get refreshment if you feel hungry or thirsty!!!
Village surrounded by range of mountains, impressive and with excellent climate.
Another village in the same valley with possibilities to get refreshment.
Small village but still with some restaurants. Impressive views over Sierra de Camarolos incl. peak Cerro de la Cruz even there some interested remains of iberian settlement!!!
Nice place with views over valley or over famous rock formation called El Torcal!!!

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    Ghostmtb May 14, 2019

    Hola compañero,cuanto tiempo haz tardado en hacer esta ruta aproximadamente,con paradas y en movimiento?
    Gracias y un saludo.

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