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near Wijk, Limburg (Nederland)

Cycling from Maastricht to the Museum of Flint in Eben-Emael in Belgium.

Eben-Ezer Tower, also known as the Museum of Flint (French: Musée du Silex), is a tower and museum in Eben-Emael, in the municipality of Bassenge in eastern Belgium.

Constructed by one man, Robert Garcet (1912-2001), between 1951 and 1965, the tower is a fantastical construction built of flint rubble, and with dimensions and symbolism taken from the bible and from ancient civilisations.

The tower is conspicuously topped at its four corners by large stone sculptures of the four cherubim of the Apocalypse: a bull on the north-west turret, man, in the form of a sphinx in the south-west, a lion in the south-east and an eagle at the north-east corner.


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