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near Entenpfuhl, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Trip for the racing bike through the moors, woods and pasture of the 'Hohes Venn/Hautes Fagnes' area west of Monschau. The trip starts in Konzen, and directly enters Belgium and takes a quiet road through the moors. When this road connects with the N67 Monschau-Eupen, you turn left back into Germany. Here the route continues to Kalterherberg down and up and down the Rur valley. Again the route enters Belgium and continues around the military area around Elsenborn, first to the reservoir at Bütgenbach, and then on to Rocherath at almost 650 meters altitude. From here, the route goes back to Germany with a little detour through the Elsenborn forest. The little detour is marked with a waypoint, and is not accessible when there are military exercises. You can then just follow the main N658 road into Germany where it connects with the main B258 road. Here you turn left towards Monschau and follow the busy B258 (for lack of quieter and paved roads) downhill to Höfen. Here you turn left to Kalterherberg down and up the Perlenbach valley, and then back down to the Rur at Monschau. Monschau is ideal for lunch and sightseeing, but not for cycling due to the abundance of tourists and cobble stones. From Monschau you climb back out of the valley to the former railroadtrack 'Vennbahn' which has now partly been turned into a neat asphalt cycling track. This cycling path takes you back to Kontzen. Beautiful nature on this route, and very quiet apart from the busy B258 stretch and the touristic and picturesque town of Monschau. No major hills, apart from crossing the Rur and Perlenbach valleys three times. Route Konzen-Kalterherberg-Nidrum-Bütgenbach-Wirtzfeld-Rocherath-Höfen-Kalterherberg-Monschau-Konzen.
This waypoint marks the start of a asphalted forest road parallel to the N658 through the Elsenborn forest, part of the Hohes Venn natural park. This wood is also used for military exercises, and it is therefore sometimes closed. If it closed, just continue along the N658.


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