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near Káto Páfos, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

The race starts with a neutral pace section until the village of Kouklia. There we have a stop of 10mins for rehydration and some fruits before we head down the main road towards Limassol. The timed section starts at 21km as soon as we enter the B6 road direction to Limassol, so from our stop in Kouklia until the main road (1km) the group speed will be controled by the race director. The timed section route follows all the way towards Kourion Amphitheater ad archeological site where we have our turn point (few hundred meters before the Archeological site). From there we follow the return route to Kouklia where is the finish. Attention. The way to the finish line - at 95,5km- is from the second entrance to Kouklia, it will be singed so please follow the signs. the last 800m are uphill of average 7% with sections of 8,5% incline!


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