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near Nikókleia, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

Get your aero bike for Stage 1 (for the Expert group only)
The Cyprus Gran Fondo will allocate the first European Qualification places for Individual Time Trial Gran Fondo World Champs! Will you be there?
For the first time in the history of the race we will have a ITT stage and we have chosen one of the most beautiful areas in Cyprus to have this race.
The Individual time trial (for the Expert group only), will run in the Diarizos Valley, one of the most fascinating routes in Cyprus.
We know that during an Individual time trial, the suffer score is very high and enjoying the scenery is a luxury, but give your self a chance to look around and be amazed by the surroundings
The first part of the 28km route is rather flat with short rolling hills whereas the second part (returning back to the start line) is very fast with high speed flat sections and less uphills than the first part.
Most preferably an aero frame will benefit from this course even though strong winds are rare in this valley
See you there


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