Time  one hour 27 minutes

Coordinates 982

Uploaded August 14, 2013

Recorded August 2013

246 ft
1 ft
7.81 mi

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near Fort Pienc, Catalunya (España)

Hello everyone, this year I´ve been busy in sunny Barcelona creating new heart routes for you all to enjoy, and the good news is I´ve found one! This beautiful heart shaped cycle route takes you on a relaxing 8 mile easy to ride route past many of Barcelona’s main highlights, including Barceloneta Beach and Gaudi's famous Sagrada Familia. Thanks to Barcelona’s amazing cycle lanes this route allows you and your loved ones to cycle at ease along the bicycle friendly lanes.

So far 5 nationalities have cycled their hearts out around Barcelona, Croatian, Spanish, German, Mexican and English! Follow the heart shaped journey and see where the route takes you.

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Arc de triomf

Arc de triomf


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