34 mi

Elevation gain

1,558 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,558 ft

Max elevation

1,093 ft


17 4.8

Min elevation

0 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Corralejo - Vallebron - Corralejo




May 19, 2014
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  • Easy to follow

  • Scenery


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1,093 ft
0 ft
34.0 mi

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near Corralejo, Canarias (España)

Corralejo, Villaverde, La Oliva, Tindaya, Vallabron, La Caldereta, Parque Holandes, Corralejo.


  • Photo of Paolomichele.spanti

    Paolomichele.spanti Jan 9, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Bel giro, circa 70 km, il primo tratto sulla FV1 un po' trafficato ma la carreggiata è ampia. Forte vento contrario nel tratto che sale da Puerto del Rosario (la strada per Caldereta era chiusa per lavori). Bello lo strappo che sale a Vallebron (FV103). A La Oliva ho allungato verso Lara.
    Scenari lunari in una natura ancora incontaminata.

  • ciaranconn Oct 17, 2016

    I rode this circuit in the opposite direction... I measured it at just over 60km. I am purely a leisure cyclist , reasonably fit in my late fifties and found this very manageable in under 3 hours taking in a coffee stop.. There are a few long climbs but in the direction I cycled, they are not as steep as the other way. The roads are good with one hairy corkscrew descent (20 -35% on Strata) where you need your wits about you and to constantly feather your brakes. The scenery makes the climbs worthwhile, especially spectacular around Vallebron.

  • Adam Łuczka Feb 7, 2020

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Excellent trail with one hard climb, which was awesome, but low quality of surface riding downhill

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