4,689 ft
-12 ft
121.92 mi

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near Cambrils, Catalunya (España)

This route is rated as level 5 on account of its length (about 200 km), plus the length and difficulty of the only, but utterly spectacular, mountain pass it takes in, Montcaro.
The route is virtually level as far as the town of Tortosa, the point of departure for the long 22-km climb to Montcaro, at a height of 1431 m. The climb up to Montcaro begins gently but soon ramps up, with 180-degree bends and gradients of up to 14% in some places. As we climb, the view behind us spurs us on. The town of Tortosa gets smaller and smaller, and the spectacular view of the river Ebro gradually looms up.
Once at the summit, don't forget to have your photo taken next to the monument to prove that you actually topped this legendary mountain.
It is time to retrace our steps, and at this point some good company and taking it in turns to lead the group are essential to break the monotony of the long haul back.


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