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59.04 mi

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near Cambrils, Catalunya (España)

This route begins with a smooth and progressive ascent to the town of Vilaplana, where we begin to climb the Batalla Pass from the west. La Selva del Camp is the starting point of a long haul towards the picturesque village of l'Albiol, with incredible views of the whole coastline. Our climb continues up the south side of the Mussara mountain range, accompanied at all times by a spectacular view of the Costa Daurada coastline, until we reach the former military camp of Los Castillejos. By this time we will have been cycling at an altitude of about 1000 m for about 15 km.
From Los Castillejos, there is a long and gradual descent to Alforja. From this town in el Baix Camp, and continuing to descend, we return to Cambrils, leaving the Mountains of Mussara behind us.


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