51.77 mi

Elevation gain

1,457 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,457 ft

Max elevation

1,109 ft



Min elevation

650 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Bubulcus & Bolotas Bicycle Route 2




September 4, 2015

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1,109 ft
650 ft
51.77 mi

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near Vimieiro, Évora (Portugal)

This round trip is taking small roads avoiding the traffic where possible. You´ll be riding sometimes on asphalt and sometimes gravel roads but always accessible for normal bicycles and mountain bikes. It is not advisable for racing bikes with narrow tires. Leaving the camping site go left on the N251 direction Pavia. After 1,6 km turn left to Bardeiras. Follow the road all the way through Bardeiras and continue until S. Gregório (white church with a few houses). Then turn right in the direction of Aldeia da Serra. On this very straight (Roman?) but narrow road, try to gain as much speed as possible in the descends to take profit of it in the climbs! After the exit to Casas Novas, close to Aldeia da Serra, take the left road at the triangle. Follow the road in westbound direction. Close to the N370 (Pavia – Arraiolos) you will cross an old rail road trajectory. It is nowadays a cycling track that leads all the way from Mora to Evora. Because it is an old rail road it is never steep and therefore very pleasant to cycle. About 100 m after the viaduct you can turn left on a gravel road (crossing a cattle grid) which leads to the rail road track. Before entering you will have to open a gate (don not forget to close it again). On the track, go south (to the right), direction Évora. First you will see some water mills and the river Divor with some rapids (even in summer!). The track continues through more open landscape with nice views for Arraiolos castle. After going under the N4 you will see the old station of Arraiolos. Continue and after a few kilometres the landscape changes again. Here are mainly cork trees in green meadows. The next station is Graça do Divor. Continue on the line, cross under the motorway (Careful! It is narrow and dark in the tunnel). At the outskirts of Évora the track changes into an asphalted road. From here you can find your own way into the historical centre of Évora. On the way back try to find the road to Igrejinha. This road is more or less parallel to the rail road track. Before crossing the track turn right, following the signs for Igrejinha. Pass through Igrejinha continuing into the direction Vimieiro. You will pass the winery Comenda Grande. At the roundabout, go straight on direction Vimieiro. Enjoy the open landscape with nice views. Continue all the way until you reach the N4. Turn right (careful for the traffic on this main road) and after 200 m turn left again into Vimieiro, following direction Pavia. Follow the N251 in the direction Pavia. 2 kilometres after leaving Vimieiro you will find the access road to B&B camping on your left.


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