18.96 mi

Elevation gain

417 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

417 ft

Max elevation

945 ft



Min elevation

656 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Bubulcus & Bolotas Bicycle Route 1




August 31, 2015

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945 ft
656 ft
18.96 mi

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near Vimieiro, Évora (Portugal)

Bicycle route. Start and endpoint at the entrance gate of Bubulcus & Bolotas campground and holiday home rental. This round trip is taking small roads avoiding the traffic where possible. You´ll be riding mostly on asphalt and sometimes gravel roads but always accessible for normal bicycles and mountain bikes. Leaving the camping site go right on the N251 direction Vimieiro. In Vimieiro follow the road (follow the bends to the right and to the left) until you reach the main road N4. Turn right direction Arraiolos. Careful with the traffic here! After 200 m turn left on a narrow asphalt road (direction Igrejinha). This road winds through open Alentejo landscape, going up and going down but never steep. After 8 km on this road you will find a roundabout (if you go straight here, you will find the winery Comenda grande). Turn right. After 2 km you’ll find a small lake on your left hand side. It is a nice place for a pic-nick. After 2,5 more km you’ll find the N4. Turn right (direction Estremoz, Vimieiro). Be careful with the traffic here. It is best to stay at the hard shoulder. After the long descend turn left in the direction S. Gregorio. S. Gregorio is a white church and a couple of houses. Follow the road through Bardeiras. Bardeiras is a collection of wide spread houses and has an abandoned primary school. After Bardeiras you’ll find some Pedreiras (stone quarries). This is a good granite winning area. There are some lakes with interesting birds and with a bit of luck you can see the turtles that live here, sitting on a stone in the sun. The road ends at a T crossing with the N251. Turn right here, direction Vimieiro. After 1,6 km you’ll find the gravel road that leads back to the camping site at the right.


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