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near Randsverk, Oppland (Norge)

This is a nice roundtrip in Jotunheimen starting at the lovely stue Bessheim. We slept in lodges so only carried a 40l backpack. The terrain was quite steep and and day-distances were long so all together a difficult trip. (Memurubu and Leirvasbu were closed).
The distances: Bessheim-Gjendebu 24.5km, Gjendebu-Olavsbu 16km, Olavsbu-Spiterstulen 26km, Spiterstulen-Gliterheim 18.5km and Gliterheim-Bessheim 22km so 107km in total.

The first day across Gjende the wind was hard and cold, also the second day. From Olavsbu to Spiterstulen was perfect, we just missed the hundreds of reindeers that were moved from one seter to the other but were troubled by the holes in the snow that they made.
The next day the storm at Spiterstulen was too hard to continue so we had a day to rest.
Then to Glitterheim was fun, climbing steep across a rocky slope but with a fantastic view.
The next day temperatures were high so there was water on the lakes and parts of the tundra were without snow...
Arriving at Bessheim, diner was served and the sauna was heated. Sitting at the fire place we looked back at the best cross-country trip that we made.

In memory of my dear friend Johan Kikstra, *18-2-1954 +28-10-2012.

Bessheim (960m)

Mountain lodge Bessheim (960m) from across the lake, 27-3-2011.

Gjendebu (990m)

The lodge Gjendebu was not open so we stayed in the winter hut.

Gjendesheim (990m)

We stayed at Bessheim and only passed Gjendesheim.

Glitterheim (1390)

Mountain lodge at the base of Glittertinden (2470m).

Olavsbu (1440m)

Also Olavsbu was closed and the winter hut was open.

Spiterstulen (1110m)

This big, privately owned mountain lodge is the starting point for many skiing trips. There were lots of alpine skiers and several buses full of school-children in the hut.

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    maipor Nov 16, 2018

    Hi Mart72,
    Do you think this route will be possible with pulka / sledge? Or are there really deep steps?

You can or this trail