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near Moieciu de Jos, Braşov (România)

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We left the car, an old and dilapidated audi 1999 in a garage of Moieciu De Jos, a small Romanian village, on the way to the Pestera (Cave) Dambovicioara. I have seen one of the most beautiful roads or paths of my life, because it seems that the mountain was closed to fall on the road, also a small stream accompanied it. The road had me happy, we finally arrived at the cave, I remembered the caves of Corinth, but this was as different as disappointing. The only thing that has left me surprised is the road and the guide who was a pretty girl who showed us the place and told stories in a fluent way, without making mistakes and knew several words in Spanish, when she told them when she told me that I was from Colombia and that I wanted a picture with her. The cave was no more than 80 meters and was as fictional as boring, because it had an artificial path raised from the ground and mining lighting and I hoped to fill me with guano to the last name and feel total darkness. Nothing to do, but I was happy to be in the Dambovita region, one of the most picturesque in Romania.

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  • Photo of Oscar Upegui

    Oscar Upegui Mar 7, 2018

    Excelente recorrido compañero, gracias por compartir el trazado.

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