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near Baileytown, New York (United States)

Cranberry Mine
This is relatively short and adventurous dangerous hike. The Lewis Mine is not so impressive. However the Cranberry Mine replaces all disappointment and will have you leaving the site in a wow! This impressive man-made structure/mine is a complex find. You must park in the parking lot by the Silver Mine picnic area. If you park on the side of the road you will really be “up the creek” as your car will be towed upon your return.

Lewis Mine
Walk easterly along the north side of Seven Lakes Drive. After about half a mile you will pass the comfort zone, continue along the road until you see the stream. When you see the stream turn left and follow the stream up for about half a mile where you will reach the Cranberry Mine. From the Cranberry Mine you can follow the waypoint on your GPS to the Lewis Mine. You can also reach Lewis Mine from the parking lot by following the Yellow Trail and bear right at the trail intersection going up.

Remember when exploring off trail to see historic ruins, to tell someone where you’ll be for the day and if there is phone reception give a heads up before going in to explore. Bring a flashlight.
  • Photo of Bocky Swamp Comfort Stn
  • Photo of CranberryMine
  • Photo of CranberryMine
  • Photo of CranberryMine
  • Photo of CranberryMine
21-MAR-09 12:22:41PM
  • Photo of Lewis Mine
  • Photo of Lewis Mine
  • Photo of Lewis Mine
  • Photo of Lewis Mine
The Lewis Mine
21-MAR-09 1:09:33PM
  • Photo of Powder Room
This is where they used to keep the dynamite. No smoking please!
get ready to tun left and walk up the stream.


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