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  • Photo of Toeren rondom het Nisser meer (Telemarken Noorwegen)

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Uploaded December 16, 2018

Recorded December 2018

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near Nordbygdi, Telemark fylke (Norge)

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Quietly touring the elongated Nisser lake in Telemark including a boat trip on the smallest ferry in Norway!

Starting point: Telemarksveien (road number 41) [Tveidsund, Vradal - Telemark]

Distance: 48.5 km

Details: typical beautiful Norwegian roads along one of the larger lakes in this area, crossing with the smallest ferry in Norway (just big enough for 3 cars!)


There is no real starting point, but start on the Telemarksveien (road number 41) between Vradal and Tveidsund and follow it south to Tveidsund. This beautiful main road runs right along the shore of the lake. In Tveidsund you cross the water via a narrow bridge (ankle track, controlled by traffic lights).

After the bridge, take the first road on your right (road nr 514 / Fv354) towards Fjone and Sundsasen. Follow this all the way until you reach the smallest ferry in Norway: Fjonesundet. Depending on the time and season you can cross the Nisser lake here every hour. Nice detail: this ferry is managed by a Dutchman :)

Once crossed, you can reach the Telemarksveien again in a few minutes.

Done in 2015.


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