• Photo of Suburbian Escapade 2.
  • Photo of Suburbian Escapade 2.
  • Photo of Suburbian Escapade 2.
  • Photo of Suburbian Escapade 2.
  • Photo of Suburbian Escapade 2.
  • Photo of Suburbian Escapade 2.

Time  11 hours 52 minutes

Coordinates 5412

Uploaded June 23, 2013

Recorded June 2013

436 f
-266 f
93.29 mi

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near Iere, Princes Town (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

This is a combination trek from Iere Village to St. Augustine and back. The trek into Princes' Town was done along the Naparima-Mayaro Road walking. From Princes Town to San Fernando was driven. Then from San Fernando to Mt. Hope and then onto the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine was done by a combination of driving and walking from Mt. Hope. From the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine into Port of Spain was driven as well as the leg from Port of Spain to Palmyra village. The final leg from Palmyra Village back to Iere Village was done walking...
Information about the City of San Fernando and Port of Spain can be found on other trail descriptions posted here.
St. Augustine is a town in the north-west of Trinidad and Tobago. It is the site of one of the four campuses of the University of the West Indies. St. Augustine is home to thousands of university students and is now being converted to a university town as the economy of the area is fueled significantly by the spending power of the 60 000 plus university population. Many houses in the general university area have been converted to students' accommodation, but due to the lack of fee regulation, they are generally more than double the cost of university housing. Four of the five halls of residence provided by the University are located here, namely St. John's Hall, Milner Hall, Canada Hall, and Trinity Hall.
St. John's Road in St. Augustine is the main access road for Mount St. Benedict, one of the notable, historic sites in Trinidad and Tobago. On the Mount, you can find a Catholic Church along with a monastery and a factory where yogurt is made. On this road, there is also the St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church. The church is opposite to a Community Centre, which underwent renovations and now houses a new field for the residents to engage in football, one of the more popular sports of this area.
St. Augustine is also home to the Hugh Wooding Law School, a prestigious law school which attracts many inter-island students of the Caribbean and beyond. In close proximity to the law school is the University of the West Indies, Seismic Research Center, which is the official source of information on earthquakes and volcanoes in the English-speaking Caribbean.


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