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near Quanyang, Jilin (China)

This village is long established but no roads or infrastructure are shown on the Jilin Province Map download. Consequently it appears to be well off the beaten track, and a flashback to the China of decades past. This made the overnight stay here very charming and interesting.

Ginseng is actively gathered from the surrounding forests. Forest frogs are also collected and are the local specialty dish, so as a visitor you may expect to get served this dish.

The area is noted for beautiful autumn colours, and these were at their prime during our visit, on October 5, 2019.

A spring water bottling operations is located a few kilometers south of town, near Changbaishan Lake, with paths along the river and to the source, where the runoff water can be tasted.

The hotel manager also owns manages the ginseng operation, and he helped us locate the town breakfast cafe and guided us to the other scenic countryside locations.

The local breakfast place

This is a 5 minute walk from the hotel, near the main crossroads.

The main intersection

rural village atmosphere

Ginseng preparation business

The hotel manager also owns/manages this operation, located in the back yard of the hotel.

The Town Hotel

This is apparently the only reasonable accommodation in town for foreigners. The owner and his wife provided a wonderful stay. Comfortable and quiet. A nice evening meal including forest frogs was prepared in a small banquet room, however breakfast is in a local cafe down the street.

Changbaishan Natural Water

[Changbaishan = long white mountains] The main office and depot of the Changbaishan mineral water operation is located here. The source is located a kilometer of so to the east (see other way points).

Changbaishan Lake

Viewing platform and small floating dock.

'The Golden Road'

At a small parking lot and entrance gate to the source of Changbaishan natural water. A narrow paved road lined with larch trees descends to the river and springs. In late autumn these larch needles are the last to turn, they turn golden yellow and fall, covering the road, hence the road is called The Golden Road (there may be another origin for this name!).


A beautiful natural clean river encountered before reaching the source.

At the source

The outflow from the covered mineral water springs can be sampled here.

Larches shedding golden needles

As the light wind blows, golden yellow needles rain down onto the path and stream waters.

Ginseng liquor manufacturer

Premises under construction at time of visit. The access road to the source passes this operation.


  • Taigaa001 Nov 11, 2019

    It is a nice trail report in rural and not-tourist-worthy place in northern China. Thanks.

  • Taigaa001 Nov 11, 2019

    Where to enjoy autumn leaves in China? This is one of the places, I guess.

  • Photo of mclivancouver

    mclivancouver Apr 28, 2020

    All over Changbaishan is similar in autumn. However, Wàng Tiān'é (Hope Swan) in Jilin Province is particularly famous.

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