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near Valle, Oslo Fylke (Norge)

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• Tourist trip through Norway: cities and nature.

• The realization of this trip through Norway, organized by an agency, has allowed us to enjoy, mainly, its impressive nature (the fjords, the glacier, the lakes, the rivers, the valleys, etc.) that at this point of summer it is overflowing, with water everywhere.
• On the day of arrival and the next, our activity took place in Oslo, visiting the City Hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize winners, the Vigeland Park or the sculptures (hundreds), created by the Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, are delivered annually. , the Opera, etc .; as well as its surroundings (Bygdoy Peninsula), with a stop at the maritime museum, Viking ships, and a Lutheran church.
• On the third day, we stopped at Lillehammer, next to Lake Mjosa, the largest in Norway and at its ski jumping venue (Winter Olympic Games in 1994), where some of us dared to climb to the top with its 936 steps.
Before reaching Oppdal, several stops were made, first at a farm / restaurant, then at the Dombås road junction, and at Lake Avsjoen, already in high mountain, to descend through the valley that took us to Oppdal.
• On the fourth day, back at the junction of Dombås, we headed for the ascent of the winding road of the Trolls, making a stop, which the existing fog did not deprive of enjoying in the viewpoints of the Path. Arriving in Ålesund, we previously went through the viewpoint of Fjellstua, with panoramic views of the original city, which we then toured, next to the port.
• The intense fifth day, began with the crossing of the fjord by boat to Eidsdal, to continue along the road of the eagles (fog again) at the access to Geiranger. There we had to enjoy the whitewater and waterfalls of the river, next to the hotel, and from the jetty we made the crossing of its fjord, with its famous waterfalls of "The Seven Sisters" and the suitor or "The Bride's Veil"; to Hellesylt with its also impressive descent of the river, from where we continue to Stryn.
• On the sixth day, our first activity was a hike up the Briksdal glacier path, arm or tongue of the great Jostedal glacier, stopping next to Lake Skei and after a short crossing of the fjord and the long tunnel of 26 kms, we arrive at Flåm, from where we make the crossing of the fjord called of the dreams, with its impressive bends and the abundant waterfalls that descend from the almost vertical mountains.
• On the seventh day, we started it in Ulvik in the direction of Voss. There by train we ascend to Myrdal, from where we make the descent with the well-known train of Flåm, with stop to see the waterfall of Kjos.
In the direction of Bergen, we made another brief stop at the Tvindefossen waterfall and already in the city, we visited the Market, the harbor, the Hanseatic quarter (heritage of humanity), and we made the funicular climb to Mount Fløyen (more than 300 altitude).

• The last day dedicated to the return of this trip, in which we have traveled more than 1,600 kilometers through the green landscapes of this country.
1st day: Arrival flight, visit to the Town Hall and Vigeland Park. 2nd day: City center. Route from the City Hall to the Opera, Cathedral, Parliament, etc.
Día 2º: Museo marítimo.
Día 2º: Mueso de barcos vikingos.
Día 2º: Iglesia luterana.
Day 3: Stop at Lillehammer, next to Lake Mjosa (home of the Olympic Winter Games in 1994).
Day 3: Stop at the ski jumping venue (Olympic Winter Games in 1994).
Día 3º: Parada en granja/restaurante.
Day 3: Stop at the crossroads towards Oppdal, they are uphill mountain road and descent to the valley. Day 4: Cross direction to Ålesund (previous day stretch).
Día 3º: Final en Oppdal. Día 4º: Inicio de Oppdal a Ålesund.
Day 4: Technical stop, before the ascent of the winding road of the Trolls.
Día 4º: Parada en los miradores del Sendero de los Trolls.
Día 4º: Final and Ålesund, con vistas panorámicas en Aksla (mirador de Fjellstua), centro ciudad, puerto, etc. Día 5º: Inicio de Ålesund a Stryn.
Day 5º: Cross fjord in Boat until Eidsdal and continuation by road.
Día 5º: Carretera de las águilas de acceso a Geiranger.
Day 5: Geiranger. Crossing your fjord. Embarcadero and waterfall next to Hotel Union.
Día 5º: Desembarco fiordo Geiranger y cascada de Hellesylt.
Día 5º: Final en Stryn. Día 6º: Inicio de Stryn a Ulvik.
Día 6º: Parada y subida sendero al glaciar.
Día 6º: Parada junto al lago de Skei.
Día 6º: Desembarque pequeña travesía fiordo.
Día 6º: Tunel de 26 kms.
Day 6: Flåm, crossing the fjord of dreams. Day 7: Flåm train station.
Día 6º: Desembarco en la travesía del fiordo de los sueños.
Día 6º: Final en Ulvik. Día 7º: Inicio de Ulvik a Bergen.
Día 7º: Estación de Voss. Subida hasta Myrdal.
Day 7: Train of Flåm. Descent from Myrdal Station, stopping at the Kjos waterfall.
Día 7º: Parada en la cascada de Tvindefossen.
Day 7: City of Bergen. Market, port, Hanseatic neighborhood (World Heritage) ...
Day 7: Funicular to Mount Fløyen (more than 300 altitude). City of Bergen.
Día 8º: Final viaje: vuelos de vuelta e imágenes desde el aire.


  • Photo of manuelluisguti

    manuelluisguti Sep 8, 2016

    Magnífica descripción del viaje, buen álbum de fotos, en cantidad y calidad.

  • Photo of canallasinpiedad

    canallasinpiedad Oct 15, 2016

    Precioso viaje que me gustaría realizar a mi el año que viene. Teneis que haberlo pasado en grande.

    Tengo que escudriñar tu viaje ya que como digo es lo más parecido a mi proyecto del año que viene.

    Si no te molesta me gustaría hacerte algunas preguntas.

    ¿Tan malas son las carreteras que veo que todos los trayectos son con medias de 50Kmh más o menos?

    ¿El ascenso al glaciar es exigente? (mi señora esposa no está para nada en forma)

  • Photo of canallasinpiedad

    canallasinpiedad Oct 15, 2016

    Impresionante https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-outdoor/noruega-viaje-turistico-14553903#wp-14553933/photo-9077854

  • Photo of canallasinpiedad

    canallasinpiedad Oct 15, 2016

    Guau https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-outdoor/noruega-viaje-turistico-14553903#wp-14553935/photo-9078004

  • Photo of obo1

    obo1 Oct 15, 2016

    Efectivamente, fueron unos días magníficos.
    En todo el viaje, solamente los 300 o 400 km a la salida de Oslo, son autopistas, el resto carretera convencional, con tramos de montaña, bordeando lagos, rios y fiordos, con muchos túneles, algunos muy largos.
    Respecto al glaciar, lo que hicimos nosotros no fue muy exigente, no obstante en nuestra ruta en Wikiloc "subida al glaciar de Briksdal (Noruega)", tienes más detalles.

  • Photo of canallasinpiedad

    canallasinpiedad Oct 15, 2016

    Muchas gracias, voy a echarle un vistazo.

  • Photo of manuelluisguti

    manuelluisguti Oct 15, 2016

    Añadir que hay vehículos autorizados que por un módico precio te dejan a menos de un kilómetro de la lengua del glaciar.

  • Photo of canallasinpiedad

    canallasinpiedad Oct 15, 2016

    Ya me parece demasiado hasta para mi señora esposa...jajaja...muchas gracias

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