5.88 mi

Elevation gain

0 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

36 ft

Max elevation

5,080 ft



Min elevation

4,950 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of La Maltarana
  • Photo of La Maltarana
  • Photo of La Maltaraña




September 5, 2017


September 2017

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5,080 ft
4,950 ft
5.88 mi

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near Jamay, Jalisco (Mexico)

The ruins of a beautiful old casona with 365 doors and windows.

How to get there with Google Maps: First put in "Jamay Jalisco." Once you have arrived in Jamay, put in "N20.22714 W102.68408"

How to get there on your own:From Guadalajara or Chapala, take the Airport Road to highway 35 heading east toward La Barca. Pass Ocotlán and when you get to the eastern end of Jamay, just after passing a Pemex station, look for a large, brightly colored yellow and blue building on your left. Turn right here, set your odometer to zero and go south two blocks. Then dog-leg to the left for 16 meters in order to keep following the same road south. Now you are on the dike, which starts out paved, but later becomes gravel. Follow the dike south for 6.9 kilometers. At this point you will note that the road is overhung by trees and curves left. Instead, you must turn right, descending steeply from the dike. After 170 meters you’ll cross a bridge over an irrigation canal. Now turn left to continue heading south. Take the very first road to the left (about 70 meters after the bridge) to drive straight up to Hacienda La Maltaraña (N20.22714 W102.68408), a grand total of 7.8 kilometers from the highway at Jamay. Driving time from Guadalajara: about two hours; from Ajijic: about 90 minutes.

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La Maltaraña

  • Photo of La Maltaraña
Ruins of La Maltaraña. See


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