24.94 mi

Elevation gain

1,470 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,421 ft

Max elevation

3,670 ft



Min elevation

2,713 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Gorica to Korçë
  • Photo of Gorica to Korçë
  • Photo of Gorica to Korçë
  • Photo of Gorica to Korçë

Moving time

45 minutes


45 minutes




June 20, 2020


June 2020
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3,670 ft
2,713 ft
24.94 mi

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near Gorica e Vogël, Korçë (Albania)

This is a beautiful route from the joint of Prespa National Park Headquarters in Albania (just few kilometres away from the North Macedonia-Albania borders) to Korça's city.

One may see the different astonishing landscapes in Prespa basin, as well as the Korça plain which used to be a lake/wetland thousands years ago.

Prespa basin, the Golemgrad and Maligrad islands and the mountains that soround it are created out of tectonic movements. That shaped the beautiful landscapes, the cristal drinkable waters which are located in the bottom of the lake and that also created the conditions for a flourishing biodiversity, including dozens of endemic species.

Similar to Lin peninsula (in Albanian side of Ohrid Lake), nearby Pesmisht (Kallamas), archeological excavations found out a palafite's civilization of 6 000 years before Christ.

Prespa is both a Trans-boundary biosphere reserve according to the UNESCO program "Man and Biosphere" and a Ramsar site for its importance on bird and fish life.

If you would need further information or tour guide assistance, please don't hesitate to call or write me on my mobile phone number (whatsapp including): +355695787684.

Peace, joy and love!

Lazjon PETRI


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