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near Lake Havasu City, Arizona (United States)

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Travel by car from Lake Havasu City to Prescott, both cities in the state of Arizona, in a route that allows us to contemplate very different ecosystems, such as the characteristic landscape of the Sonoran Desert, to the south of the State, and the formations of conifers and Juníperos that make up the Prescott National Forest area.

Lake Havasu City is a city located in the county of Mohave, in the state of Arizona. Its main tourist attraction is the London Bridge, which originally stood in London, on the River Thames and was sold and transported piece by piece in 1968, to Lake Havasu City, where it was rebuilt.

From Lake Havasu City, in the Sonoran desert, the route of Highway 95 runs parallel to the Colorado River to the city of Parker; From this point, the route enters the desert through highway 72 and leads us to the small town of Bouse, which is characterized by the existence of the so-called "Camp Bouse", a top secret camp founded in August 1942 to the development and testing of the "Gizmo" tank, which General George Patton would use in the battles of North Africa, Italy and Normandy during World War II.

The desert landscape is characterized by the presence of large cacti, such as the Saguaro, as well as smaller plant species such as the typical tumbleweed plants, which, when they reach maturity, are detached from the trunk and through the rolling spread their seeds.

The final section of the route, along Highway 89, takes us into the Prescott National Forest, whose primary vegetation, in its lower zone, is the characteristic of the Sonoran desert and as the altitude increases, species such as chaparral predominate, juniper and Pine Pine. In areas of higher elevation, Ponderosa pine dominates the landscape.

The route ends in the city of Prescott (Yavapai County), which in 1874 was designated capital of the territory of Arizona, until Phoenix became the capital in 1889.

The center of Prescott is characterized by the presence of historic buildings, including "The Palace", which dates back to 1877 and is the oldest bar and restaurant in Arizona. Among the most famous guests of the Palace stood out the marshal Wyatt Earp and his brother Virgil Earp, as it is remembered in the photographs and posters that are inside the premises.

71 Road, Arizona

Lake Havasu-Prescott

Camp Bouse




Havasu National Wildlife Refuge


London Bridge

London Bridge, Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Parker, Arizona

Lake Havasu-Prescott

Prescott, Arizona

Lake Havasu-Prescott



Saguaro, desierto Sonora


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