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near Koreatown, New York (United States)

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Leaving Midtown in Manhattan we go through the different districts heading north on the west bank of the Hudson River to Harlem, then go to the Bronx, continue to Queens and go down south coming to Brooklyn where we return to Manhattan by walking the famous Brooklyn Bridge, then stop for a snack in the Wall Street area to continue to Battery Park to take the ferry to Staten Island passing near the Statue of Liberty. On the way back we went to the World Trade Center to visit its moving museum to end up going back by subway to our starting point next to Madison Square Garden.
In the tour we have used a suburban to go through the suburbs, then from the Brooklyn Bridge and everything traveled by Manhattan has been made less walking the ferry ride to Staten Island.
We have visited iconic sites such as the Cotton Club, the Apollo Theater, the Yankees Stadium, the Fort Apache Police Station, we passed the famous Grand Concord Avenue and saw many of the famous graffiti in the area. We crossed the Whitestone Bridge and Queens we visited the Corona Park where is the Queens Museum, the Mets Stadium and the headquarters of the US Tennis Open. Once in Brooklyn we were in the Jewish quarter and we could enjoy great views of Manhattan from the pier of Long Island and then walk through the most famous and old bridge in New York, Brooklyn. To finish we visited the New York Stock Exchange building and very close to the famous bull and then we could contemplate the Statue of Liberty. After the retreat, the visit to the 9/11 memorial museum is indispensable with the majestic One Trade Center presiding over the area.
A great walk to discover the other faces of the Great City.


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