316 f
-1,257 f
0.75 mi

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near Mukāwir, Madaba (Jordan)

Extremely hard and steep entrance,

7 Rappel Stations are Set, Either 1 Mechanical bolt and a natural anchor or 2 bolts, threads are set too. ( Rope Protector is Needed!! )

3 - 5 Abseils are still not set, we had to take an exit after the 7th abseil.

Make sure to be prepared if intending to go, with a drill and an extra rope for anchor extensions and natural anchors.

Abseils Ranging Between 15 and 60 Meters! don't go cheap on rope length!!

This Canyon Doesn't have many exits Maybe 2 only.

This Wadi Was Bolted using a Hand Drill, using HST-3 10mm Expansion bolts which will last more than The Normal blue line Hilti Bolts, unless were Damaged by flash Floods, which is Possible! So if you're intending to visit be REALLY Prepared!!!


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