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near Beechmont, Queensland (Australia)

This is a short but fun scramble down Back Creek in the Denham Scenic Reserve. The park is maintained by locals and the provides them with a lovely swimming hole. The hike deviates off the main trail 50m from the start at the first creek crossing then follows the creek downstream. It has 4 main waterfalls to rappel with one dropping into a large swimming hole in which packs need to be waterproofed. The first requires a full length rope. All but the last abseil has heavy gauge steel cable around tree bases as a suitable and quick anchor. The last has multiple tapes. However, I would take some tape to add and leave behind to back up your last rappel. The trek back from the lowest waterfall is off track. However, the route is taped, when you come to cliffs stay at their base and follow southwest until you join with the main trail. More info on the park can be found at (bapa.beechmont.org.au) under maps. This shows the tourist route down to the swimming holes


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