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near Nippara, Tokyo (Japan)

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Personally costly rice: 1) I got injured on my feet 2) Holes in my dry bag were broken and my mobile phone and headlight were out of water 3) I lost ATC. But Observable Sawa: It was a lot of swimming, so it would not hurt to fall from the waterfall to the kettle so I could challenge it like Jim's Borda, it was a lot of fun. I could not do three lines because the line I wanted to get through all the waterfalls was difficult (or not practiced).

F1 was able to break through everyone from the right, and the hold on the left is few on the left and two people have overcome.
F2 (2 stages 5 m), breakthrough all members from the right, difficult from the left, difficult to understand the first and last legs, I challenged three times and lost, (1 break through) F1 and F2 swim to swim
F3 (Hondori highlight 4th grade when I saw various records) Breakthrough from the right without F0 (I felt it was relatively easy if I went for a second time with aircraft, though I first climbed using A0 with backpack.) After I got off I fought against the ridiculous hydraulic power on the left and challenged the toy shape twice. The first hold is fine and it is impossible even if it is attached if the amount of water is large. Although there is a good hold but there is a hold but it is hard to overcome the hydraulic power and it is strongly pushed back and both arms suddenly bumped, the feet became unstable (it surely hurt the legs at that time), it is hard to maintain the position. "After five centimeters there was a good hold," I was told later, but I got out of strength and jumped into the pot. I tried it a second time, I got over it, I gave up and returned from the right. Nobody else tried trying anything else.
I think that the failure of the right line of F 2 and F 3 is only my own power, technical shortage, I think that if you practice it can break through (I want to visit this year again)
F4 (2 steps, 6 meters): At first I tried to climb from the left, I had no hold on the way and I thought that if I fell it I got hurt, I got off using the wood. The right is relatively simple, but free and there is high altitude, one out of six people topped with A0.
Kotaki: There are a lot of people who can climb by shower (including 3 m 2 rolls wrapped in the topo) One can struggle to climb, but the other has no choice but to slip without legs and hands and I gave up that this body is impossible .
F5 (last waterfall): My friend's climbs in the middle with a rainy condition after the heavy rain, but the middle was impossible without having legs at the bottom. The line on the right was easier than I thought and the four people could break through. It can be wrapped easily as there is a way from the left. It climbs 3 times, the last one gets a difficulty level obviously with Zuck.

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