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near Bovec, Bovec (Slovenija)

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Our particular and wonderful cyclist route through Slovenia, with manucc3, Ricardo and Alfons Sánchez, thanks to the latter for all the work of planning and plotting the route.
Carried out in 7 days, departing and arriving at Bovec, with mountain bike, panniers of 40 liters approx. and mixed tires since it runs basically by secondary roads, asphalt tracks, bike lanes and compacted dirt tracks and in perfect condition.
We chose cheap accommodations in which we do not spend more than 20-25 euros a day, some of them include breakfast.

Stage 1: Bovec- Kranjska Gora. 49 km +1300 -950
To open this rutón we started passing the Vrsic Pass, in the region of the Julian Alps, leaving Bovec at 350 m height and crowning the highest hill in the country at 1611 meters. We will follow the road at all times and it may be the stage where we will find the most traffic. The ascent to the port will leave us 25 curves of ascent and another 25 of descent with average slopes of 15%.
In Kranjska Gora we stayed in the Guest House Slovenija Avto, on the outskirts of the village and with breakfast included.

Stage 2: Kranjska Gora- Bohinj. 69 km +500 -700
We will leave by a bucolic bicycle lane a few km until Mostrajana where we will take a secondary road in ascent until a small and pretty nucleus and we will follow by track in llaneo until the tourist Lake Bled. Here we will continue on a more main road but calm enough until we deviate through a secondary port and arrive down a quiet valley to Lake Bohinj.
We stayed at Sobe Cuskic, just outside Bohinj without breakfast.

Stage 3: Bohinj- Ljubljana 83 km +750 -1000
It turns on the steps of the previous stage to take a bicilarril to Bohinjska Bistrika where we can have breakfast. Here begins a long, stretched and quiet mountain pass between immense fir trees and we will leave the asphalt continuing along very good tracks advancing comfortably. We will go down to a main road and in a few km we will reach the beautiful Skofja Loka nucleus where we had a great lunch in the Gostilna del Granero. By secondary roads we will arrive at the surroundings of Medvode and we will continue parallel to the highway until arriving at the bicycle lanes of the capital. Passing next to the center we will go to the outskirts to stay at the Rooms4young, comfortable and with kitchen availability for dinner and breakfast but too far from the center to visit after finishing the stage. You can ask for a taxi or ask for public transport.

Stage 4: Ljubljana- Postojna. 60 km +750 -550
We will go by alternating bike lanes to Stara Vrhnika and by a somewhat busy road to Logatek, until here perhaps the less showy stretch of the crossing. From Logatek a bike path and again a lonely and beautiful mountain road that will take us to a hill where we will descend by track to visit Predjama Castle. From Predjama by road to the detour that leads to the bungalow of our quiet campsite, the Pivka Jama Postojna.

Stage 5: Postojna- Stanjel. 45 km. +450 -650
We left the campsite and shortly after returning by the access road we caught a slightly wild track to shorten to the road in the vicinity of Postojna. Essential visit to the famous caves, previous candamiento of the bikes next to the ticket offices. After 2 hours of visit we will take the road parallel to the highway passing through some localities and then a lonely asphalted track that will leave us at the bottom of the valley after a long descent. Once we reach the most wine-growing area of ​​the country, we will take a beautiful and lonely secondary road that, crossing a couple of gentle hills, will take us to the top of the hill where the small and magical town of Stanjel sits. In the accommodation of the friendly Marija Jera we were very well, we even have the option of putting washer-dryer. The only downside is that there are no restaurants but the owner is in charge of calling a pizzeria that will bring us dinner, breakfast is included.

Stage 6: Stanjel- Tolmin. 69 km +1800 -1550
At first we were going to cross this section going through Nova Gorika but Marija told us that there was a lot of traffic and after asking her about a variant on the map she said "oh, very strong but wonderful!". So going down from Stanjel and overcoming a couple of climbs between villages and vineyards we cross under the highway and in Locavek we undertake the hard climb to Predmeja. The first ramps are scary but will lose some bellows. The landscape and the surroundings more than compensate and in Predmeja the asphalt finishes and it continues in a gentle ascent through endless forests. Once in descent we will pass through Lokve and continue on a good track until we reach a quiet and bucolic valley away from the tourist circuits. A beautiful descent will leave us in Postaja and Most na Soci and by main road to Tolmin.
We had an apartment 4 km from the town so we stocked up in the supermarket at the entrance and more loaded than before we reached the 300 m of altitude that lead us up the spectacular Tolmin gorge to the Abinkar apartment, in a spectacular setting. Without a doubt the best stage of the crossing.

Stage 7: Tolmin- Bovec. 42 km +600 -550
We unpaved the road from Tolmin to the accommodation but before arriving we continue along the secondary road that goes up parallel to the Rio Soca comfortably to the outskirts of Kobarid, where we can divert a bit to have a drink and see the town. We return to the bridge over the Soca and continue along the road that follows it to a campsite and from here a little broken track that will take us to the main road. We follow it a few km and turn off at Trnovo to cross the Soca again on a wooden bridge. They come a few km by trialero road and in which we will carry a while in ascent but preferable to the main road. After a short descent the path improves and soon we will return to the asphalt on a quiet side road until we reach Bovec comfortably and close this wonderful and unforgettable journey.
Hay algún restaurante pero lo encontramos cerrado


  • Photo of Alfons Sánchez

    Alfons Sánchez Sep 1, 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Sin duda, una de las mejores rutas que he realizado a nivel de paisajes. Gracias por la deferencia!

  • Photo of manucc3

    manucc3 Oct 27, 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    gracias por esta gran experiencia, unos dias inolvidables, un país estupendo pero lo mejor de todo la compañia, espero seguir aprendiendo a vuestro lado día a día.
    100% recomendable!

  • Photo of Aldarion

    Aldarion Oct 27, 2015

    Un placer contar con tu compañía Manu!

    Un saludo y nos vemos por los caminos!

  • Photo of Alarije Biker

    Alarije Biker Feb 4, 2018

    Buenas tardes Aldarion. En primer lugar, enhorabuena por realizar esta gran ruta y gracias por compartirla. Me ha gustado y puede ser una posible opción para mis vacaciones del próximo verano. Al tratarse de un país extranjero y no demasiado conocido por mí, me gustaría preguntarte por el tema de la seguridad en varios aspectos. Por ejemplo, ¿discurre la ruta por alguna zona donde puedan existir animales salvajes o peligrosos? Y también la seguridad sobre robos y ese tipo de cosas. Muchas gracias.
    Te invito a visitar mis rutas colgadas y, si alguna es de tu interés, te puedo proporcionar mi experiencia.
    Un saludo.

  • Photo of Aldarion

    Aldarion Feb 5, 2018

    Hola Alarije Biker.
    En primer lugar decirte que si eliges este destino seguro que no te arrepientes, de un entorno privilegiado y de precios muy asequibles, no es una ruta muy btt pero perfecta para hacer cicloturismo.
    En cuanto a tus preocupaciones, sobre animales peligrosos decirte que hay osos pero que es realmente improbable siquiera que los veas y mucho menos que sufras un ataque. NosotroaNosotros no vimos ninguno.
    En cuanto al tema robos nosotros siempre hicimos noche con las bicis guardadas y en las paradas las teníamos bajo vigilancia o con candado como en el caso de la visita a las Cuevas de Postojna. Nos comentaron en el hostel donde dormimos cerca de Lublijana que gente que había ido a visitar el centro con las bicis se las habían robado. En el resto de lugares se puede ir bastante tranquilo. Cualquier otra duda no dudes en ponerte en contacto conmigo.
    Un saludo.

  • Photo of Alarije Biker

    Alarije Biker Feb 6, 2018

    Gracias Aldarion. Sólo dos dudas más por ahora, jeje. Supongo que fuisteis en avión, ¿no? ¿Cuál es la mejor conexión desde España (y la compañía)? Y por otro lado, la bici; ¿llevasteis la vuestra o alquilásteis? En este último caso, ¿dónde?
    Lo dicho, muchas gracias por tu tiempo. Saludos.

  • Photo of Aldarion

    Aldarion Feb 7, 2018

    Pues fuimos en coche, en una furgoneta pequeña y llevamos nuestras bicis. Aquí estamos para todas las dudas que te surjan.

    Un saludo.

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