• Photo of Trans Armenia May 2016
  • Photo of Trans Armenia May 2016
  • Photo of Trans Armenia May 2016
  • Video of Trans Armenia May 2016

Time  11 days 4 hours 6 minutes

Coordinates 1840

Uploaded May 20, 2016

Recorded May 2016

7,909 f
1,140 f
457.62 mi

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near Saburtalo (Georgia)

Part of the never ending bike route of Andoni from Georgia through Armenia to Iran
From here acent 400m on (partly) unpaved road.
Lavage bakery next to B&B
HQ park 2/4 beds
Place for tent, water, shop nearby. Loc half de 2800m acs. between kapan and Megri, where final climb starts.
Terrific view on Iran
Train to Tabriz (some times a week at 5pm)


  • Odiseu Jan 10, 2018

    Hi Luc,

    I´m planning the Armenia traverse in mointainbike this may-june. How about the weather? Any useful map? Doyou know if it is possible to make this ride riding in unpaved, gravel or tarmac Surface? Thnks in advance.

  • Photo of Luc Antwerpen

    Luc Antwerpen Jan 11, 2018

    May June is OK, but can be pretty cold, depends on the wind if it comes from the higher mountains (3000+). We went early may which was the time snow in the upper parts was melting. Have a look what kind of winter they had this year. For maps your best go with the Open Cycle maps, besides the paved roads that are on the printed maps they show also the local unpaved roads (which can be occasionally pretty steep), and are worthwhile to drive. If you buy a printed map, buy one in Armenia they show more detail than the international tourist maps. If you go south to the Iran border, the east road has less traffic than the west road lower altitude but more cumulative meters to climb, do not camp on the border with Azerbaijan, for the rest it is OK going that way. If you take a smartphone or tablet with you it is useful to install OsmAmd for finding places to stay overnight.
    Enjoy your trip,

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