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Time  9 hours 9 minutes

Coordinates 2996

Uploaded September 24, 2012

Recorded September 2012

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26.81 mi

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near Ninh Bình, Ninh Bình (Vietnam)

Ninh Bình-Tam Coc-and near Hoa Lu

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  • Tuyo Nov 19, 2012

    It's a nice route by bicycle. Riding in a flat road from Ninh Binh, we tried to avoid big crowded roads and we could do it except for the outsides of the city, where you must take care of the traffic.
    Tam Coc is not far away. You can park bicycles there and take a boat trip. Then we took our bikes and went up to the Bich Dong Temple (not far from Tam Coc).
    When we left the temple we ride following the direction to Hoa Lu, but then instead of roads we followed a path close to the rice terraces and landscapes were amazing.
    Although we were not far from Hoa Lu, we had to come back to Ninh Binh as it was late and going by bike at night time in Vietnam roads is not a good idea.
    Anyway Hoa Lu is far from Tam Coc, depending on your time you can stop less time and visit both places the same day or one day Tam Coc and the other day Hoa Lu.

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