Moving time  3 hours 42 minutes

Time  5 hours

Coordinates 6462

Uploaded July 19, 2018

Recorded July 2018

232 f
-24 f
28.24 mi

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near Menai Bridge, Wales (United Kingdom)

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This is a track that reaches Holyhead. And as a final to the port where ferries are taken, or the train. It is followed by the. Route 8 National Ciclyn Network. And after crossing the Natural Park (incredible route). We rush to the ferry afternoons. This track is very nice, and I would only rate it as difficult, since it has many ups and downs, but it is relatively short. It does not take too much navigation, and little water logistics. I can say that our Bromptons responded very well in the climbs. Comparatively, with the 28 'with many more changes, other cyclists who did not reach the top, or arrived later than the Bromy. This route passes through the town with the longest name in the world, unpronounceable. 100% recommended, that's not for beginners.
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