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726 36 0


87.74 mi

Elevation gain

3,524 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,835 ft

Max elevation

906 ft



Min elevation

-6 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Marsa Matrouh - Road to Libya - Start of the desert road to Siwa oasis
  • Photo of Marsa Matrouh - Road to Libya - Start of the desert road to Siwa oasis


11 hours 37 minutes




November 5, 2014


November 2014

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906 ft
-6 ft
87.74 mi

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near Mersa Matruh, Maţrūḩ (Egypt)

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I started by Marsa Matroth on the road to Siwa with rain, so I stopped. Due to the complexity of a junction (but also the sun hidden from the clouds and I did not understand the course early), I traveled some kilometers to Libya. So I had the opportunity to see and where it is. I turned back and walked in the desert road to Siwa, which is controlled and belongs to the military forces of the country. At the point where I stopped my journey at night in the desert, one can ask for a night because it has two shops that have tea and dry food. (there are only two points on the 300km route in the desert where you can do this so I think the information is important).
40 days in Egypt bike tour, cycling day 6, trip day 7.
(More information for the tour at www.cycleway.info)


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