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near Pleso, Zagrebačka (Hrvatska)

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From Zagreb to Knin, we adapt the route to http://www.bikepacking.com/routes/bikepacking-croatia/

For flight hours, we leave an airport pedal. Mostly asphalt, but with quite a bit of track (some in poor condition) and a bit of walking. From Knin we take train to Split. Planning and accommodation must be planned, we did on the fly, no later than two days. We carry with sack and mat, we use it one night.

Day 1: We dined in Pisarovina, we sleep in Karlovac where there are many options.

Day 2: We eat and buy food in Orgulin, we sleep in apartment in Jasenak (we find it in google maps, supply very limited, better to bring food).

Day 3: at Bater, we take the bikepacking track, first tracks, we sleep at the road hostel, Putnik rooms. Limited food

Day 4: tracks and a bit of walking to Oltari, we eat and buy food in Karsno, we sleep in Careva Kuca Verobaca shelter (closed but with a very cozy roof). In the area there are many refuges, several at the foot of the track. Info to:

Day 5: almost at the end of the stage we visit the Nicola Tesla Museum (not very interesting), and we end up at Gospic where there are many options (we make a lunch-dinner).

Day 6: The first 40km of plans, with a D-tour to go through an area where there are still mines in the nearby fields. We make a coffee shortly after leaving the main road, we are going to drink the provisions and after one of the most beautiful parts of the route, we end up in a long descent to the dam of Zrmanja (camping and bungalows). We sat at a restaurant, which did not open the next morning for breakfast.

Day 7: Without further difficulty, without any coffee / restaurant, until the end of Knin, where we dine and take a train to Split (http://www.hzpp.hr/en)


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