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near Sumburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom)

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A few months ago after the Federal Week in Saumur, with colleagues we were studying possible outings for 2010.

Among them the Tour of the North Sea . In G. Wilsion, this magnificent adventure begins on April 24th.

We will describe the daily events in its 7/70 Cycle Block. Along 3.600 km, cross 7 countries in 70 days. I will not stop following your adventure day after day.

Good Luck.!!!

All the information on the route to North Sea Cyle Route

The Mar del Nord cycling route is a chain of 6,200 kilometers of exciting experiences waiting for the tourist on a bicycle.

The conditions that cyclists can expect vary greatly, from the mountains of the Fjords of Norway, to the land below the sea level in the polders of the Netherlands. In fact, much of the route is in rural areas on the North Sea coast. So, for those tourists who do not contemplate the cycling of the whole one-time tour, they can find a section that best suits their needs and capabilities.

The North Sea cycling route has been established in all the North Sea riverside countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England and Scotland.

The route was opened in 2001 and has joined the ranks of celebrities. In May of 2003 the route was awarded with a certificate of Guiness antecedents to confirm that the cycling route of the North Sea is route of the longest cycle of the world. The route is based on national, regional and local cycling routes, using existing signature.

It is quite difficult to give an exact definition of cycling. It is a sport so plural, so complex, so personal, so original ... that it is not possible to label it ever.
Live or not live, one has the sensation or does not have it. The term "cycling" encompasses all forms of recreational cycling, not competitive, all areas of use of the bicycle in constant search.
It is the sport that is made without rush (the first place must not be reached), without prizes (the satisfaction is at each pedal). It is the sport that does not try to imitate high-level cycling, and self-sufficiency is often sought. One of the greatest pleasures that provides bicycle. It is not important how many kilometers are done, nor with what time, but how and where you go. The authentic cycling begins quite a bit before the first pedal, preparing the itineraries, studying the maps, talking, accumulating information, studying places, the ways of eating and sleeping, preparing the material and the bicycle, getting physically ready ...
Cycle tourism, more than a sport, is a certain style, a certain conception and a certain philosophy of life. It is an indivisible combination between man and machine. It is synonymous with freedom and independence. It helps us rediscover lost sensations of our inner world, find the most intense pleasures, and connect and interpret our environment and the reality of life. It is an inexhaustible source of varied satisfactions for all ages. Nor is it renegade with the concept of family, since this wonderful mechanical ingenuity is also revealed as a tool for family unity. Nowadays, the image of couples with their children is common, which share the emotions of a bike ride.

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  • Photo of epjlc

    epjlc Jun 16, 2015

    Hola Agustín
    Increíbles rutas las que has hecho.
    Quiero hacer la ruta 4 de la National Cycle Network entre Londres y Fishguard, que coge parte de la Eurovelo 1 y 2.
    Pero veo los alojamientos bastante caros ¿cómo te apañabas tú en tus viajes por Reino Unido?
    Gracias por la ayuda
    Un saludo y a seguir pedaleando!

  • Photo of fulgenci-laia

    fulgenci-laia Jan 16, 2019

    Hola Agusti,
    Fa 4 anys vam fer Escòcia en bicicleta,
    Des de Edimburg fins a les illes del nord, un total de 1200km, la ruta va se circular.

    Aquest estiu volen fer el tram de l'eurovelo 12 per continuar des de Edimburg fins a Holanda.

    Veig que tu tens el trac.
    Podries donar-nos informació d'aquest tram????
    A part del Canal de la Mancha, tenim que agafar mes transbordadors????
    He llegit la teva crònica però no he vist molta informació de la ruta.

  • Photo of fulgenci-laia

    fulgenci-laia Oct 9, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Bon dia,Agustí.
    El passat mes d.agost, el meu marit i jo, varem fer part d.aquesta ruta.
    Vam començar a Edinburg i vam acabar a Holanda.
    Es una ruta espectacular i fàcil de ciclar.
    Els camins bons  i l'entorn  molt bonic.
    Potser l'any vinent intentem acabar-la, doncs la part nord d'Escòcia ja la havíem fet.
    Gracies per compartir rutes amb tots nosaltres.

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