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near Clifden, Connaught (Ireland)

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Dream that you can make a special route: from the North Cape to your home using special routes: the Eurovelo

Thanks to Carlos:


I will start to imagine and share that dream trip.
Eurovelo 1 has its beginning in the North Cape and in its first section finishes in the city of Bergen (Norway), in its second section it crosses part of Scotland from Aberden, the west coast of Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, the west of France and Spain to finish in the south of Portugal.
I have proposed the route with a distance similar to the one I usually do when I travel. Ireland is a country in which green does not respond to chance but to rain ...
I know some traveler who has had a bad time because his endurance capacity struggled with the merciless effect of that meteorological phenomenon and at this point the traveler should not only ask about their possibilities in front of this difficulty, but also about the type of accommodation in the one that ends each day on a long route ... very long hardly feasible in less than two months ...
I finished the day in a Hostel

Barnacles Quay Street House
10 Quay St
The Latin Quarter, Galway
Co. Galway

In Ireland there are not many camping areas, there are not because the weather does not allow you to enjoy that type of accommodation.
Hostels and Hostel in addition to the B & B is what, in my opinion, you have to look for to stay at the end of the day, services are on the route.
June, part of July and September are suitable months for this part of the route.
Today you go through towns where you will find services and ends up in a medium and well-known city.
Stage with slight difficulty levels.
The difficulty will also be to provide you well to eat

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