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  • Photo of El Minya - Asyut (Bicycle Tour in Egypt)

Time  6 hours 42 minutes

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Uploaded November 14, 2014

Recorded November 2014

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near ‘Izbat Abū Filībū, Al Minyā (Egypt)

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Continuing to the south of the Nile, I started from El Minya and traveled to Asyut about 130 km. My rhythm was fast enough for this cycling trip.

The reason why the tourist police decided to send a patrol to watch me all the way, so I was escorting and of course I wanted to finish the route quickly. When I clarified that I did not ask for a police guards, they told me they should be close to me for my safety. The stops of the route are in the police and police checkpoints (but I also saw a militia) where they gave me very much tea, water and made it possible for me to feel comfortable. Because all this seemed strange to me, I immediately contacted a Greek friend who stayed for years in Egypt and told me not to worry, it had happened to him on a ride in his car and all this was due to security measures. (Add here something I'll write in the next few days on cycleway.info blog when I'll find the time to renew it: There are extraordinary security measures in Egypt that over the past few days made me completely planning my route. I was driving to the desert of Baharia, but it was closed for everyone until they were told to the police, so from Siwa I loaded the car into a car until Alexandria where I stayed in a friend and then on a train to Cairo and from Cairo I continued romi riding the Nile).

40 days in Egypt bike tour, cycling day 11, trip day 17.


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