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68.99 mi

Elevation gain

2,569 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,667 ft

Max elevation

622 ft



Min elevation

206 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Edfu - Aswan (Bicycle Tour in Egypt)
  • Photo of Edfu - Aswan (Bicycle Tour in Egypt)
  • Photo of Edfu - Aswan (Bicycle Tour in Egypt)
  • Photo of Edfu - Aswan (Bicycle Tour in Egypt)
  • Photo of Edfu - Aswan (Bicycle Tour in Egypt)
  • Photo of Edfu - Aswan (Bicycle Tour in Egypt)


8 hours 50 minutes




November 24, 2014


November 2014

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622 ft
206 ft
68.99 mi

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near Idfu, Aswān (Egypt)

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Luckily without the patrol being watched by today's as well as yesterday's route. The dangerous point that the police are afraid of is how I learned from El Minya until just before Luxor, where there have been attacks on the road to touring buses. So after Luxor yesterday, but today, from Edfu to Aswan, I was surprised to go late and take photos. And of course I could go faster but the road was very bad, almost 30 kilometers before Aswan and I was afraid of the tires. In two places, works were done and I went down and walked, because the road was soil. I walked through villages with shed houses but in the middle of the village to dominate a large modern building: it was the school. About a quarter of the village's huts, more than a thousand students and students dressed uniformly, go to school hanging on the Datsuns, but I also noticed trains that functioned as Schools. Most kids are chasing you to stop you from playing, so the trick I did and catch when I found them was to go as slow as I could and to show the tired. If I was going fast I was chasing. :-) So I reached the southernmost point of Egypt that I was aiming for.


40 days in Egypt bike tour, cycling day 15, trip day 25. (More information for the bike tour at www.cycleway.info)


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