333.72 mi

Elevation gain

7,149 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

7,986 ft

Max elevation

4,036 ft



Min elevation

1,432 ft

Trail type

One Way


8 days 3 hours 28 minutes




June 15, 2016


May 2016
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4,036 ft
1,432 ft
333.72 mi

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near Fresch, Vorarlberg (Austria)

Beginning in May 2016, we commence a 3-4 month cycling tour of Europe. Starting in Geneva, we plan to cycle through Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania, before crossing the Black Sea and picking up the trail in Georgia. We plan to depart Georgia for South Korea in early August and continue our cycling trek through Asia.

Part 2: Austria - Feldkirch to Villach
Time: 7 days + rest days in Feldkirch (rain) and Innsbruck
Route: Inn Bike Path Landeck to Worgl, Tauern Rad Weg Saalfeden to Lend and Cyclo Alps-Adriatic Lend to Villach
Trains: when condition weren't good (rain, steep ascent, mountain crossing via tunnel...) we took train to skip some parts: Feldkirch to Landeck, Worgl to Saalfeden, Bockstein to Mallnitz and Villach to Jesenice (Slovenia)
Difficulty: moderate, some steep incline along the Inn Bike Path and the Cyclo Alps-Adriatic, path either on designated bike path or along secondary roads, relatively well signposted. Cycling maps for the region available at information center

Inntal Cycle Path through Austrian Tyrol
Our wheels keep on turning as we make our way through Austria's stunning Tyrol Region. Passing beneath the snow-capped peaks of the high Alps, we brave a little rainy weather (made well by a tasty guest house breakfast) before visiting Innsbruck. With its medieval 'aldstadt', Innsbruck preserves some amazing architecture from the Renaissance period, including the beautiful Goldenes Dachl (or 'Golden Roof'), an iconic structure built for the Emperor Maximilian I. Sampling some local delicacies including cold meats (speck) and local liquors, we continue towards towards the Inn River, camping at Weising and Wörgl on our way towards the high Alps.

Over the Austrian Alps
We couldn't avoid them forever, the hills that is... Eventually we had to cross the Austrian Alps. Though with careful selection of our route we managed to miss the steepest of the inclines, and with some fair weather it wasn't all as bad as we imagined. Finally, the rain did come, though we managed to shelter from the worst of it in the Alpine township of Bad Gastein, where we took the afternoon to visit the local thermal baths and rest our legs. After crossing beneath the highest of the peaks we emerged at the town of Mallnitz, before descending more than 500 meters over 8 kilometres! Camping at the edge of the River Drau, we could look back towards the snow-capped peaks where we had started the day's journey. Finally, we arrive at the town of Villach, our last stop before crossing the border into Slovenia!

Photos, videos and other info on our website:!in-frame-austria/lblbz

Camping Draufluss


Camping Inntal


Camping Sportcamp Woferlgu

Mountain hut

Gasthof Loewen

Mountain hut

Haus Charlotte

Mountain hut

Nepomuks Backpacker

Mountain hut

Schwobhof BnB


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