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near Old Town, Scotland (United Kingdom)

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06-Jul 0 Martos Edinburgh (2,400)
07-Jul 1 Edinburgh Balloch 1256 136
Jul 08 2 Balloch Taynuilt 1071 105
09-Jul 3 Taynuilt Fort William 716 77
Jul 10 4 Fort William Dornie 1411 142
11-Jul 5 Dornie Tarbert 2568 163
Jul 12 6 Tarbert Stornoway 797 60
Jul 13 7 Stornoway Durness 1970 201
Jul 14 8 Durness Thurso 1805 115
Jul 15 9 Thurso Brora 1040 90
Jul 16 10 Brora Invernes 962 92
Jul 17, 11 Invernes Keith 1208 112
Jul 18 12 Keith Aberdeen 872 83
Jul 19 13 Aberdeen Dundee 1643 140
Jul 20 14 Dundee Edinburgh 1713 130
TOTAL 19,032 1,646

This trip began to take shape in July 2013, just when we finished that wonderful and unforgettable tour that we did along the French Atlantic Coast from San Sebastian to Paris, crossing the regions of Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes, Loire, Brittany, Normandy and the Isle of France . It was just after the trip, when we started to think about where to do the next route, and after several options we opted for SCOTLAND.
We started to shape it and lean towards a trip that was different from what we had completed until then. So far the trips we have made, have gone through beautiful and sometimes spectacular sites (Alps, Apennines, Tuscany, The Landes, Brittany, Normandy ...) but above all, passing through many population centers, eminently tourist areas and beautiful historical and monumental cities. Routes through the different routes of the Camino de Santiago; the 2011 trip from Figueras to Rome, crossing France and Italy; the 2013 route from San Sebastian to Paris. In short, so far has prevailed both the journey itself, and the historical and monumental sets of the cities we visited, especially in the stops at the end of the stage (Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Siena, Lucca, Vannes, Caen, Nantes, Paris , Rome ...).
For 2015, we have changed the chip leaving aside the city and opting for the natural spaces, we have traveled through eminently landscaped and rural areas, often spectacular places and pure nature, to the detriment of city tourism (except for a few exceptions: Edinburgh, Inverness, Dundee, St Andrews). And with an added bonus of adventure, our total ignorance of English, although yes, the sign language we have plenty.
This type of travel did not start much the day we left the house with the bicycle and the saddlebags on the way to the airport. The trip started the same day we decided on the destination. The first step was to define exactly the route layout, this work is essential, to know the stops, the duration of the stages, the accommodations, the duration of the trip, places of interest to visit, and above all a thorough study of the country, (history, customs, geography ...).
The truth is that we could not find any long route in the network that adapted or resembled what we were looking for; neither in the pages of tracks, nor in Wikiloc, nor in any other web of cycling appears a route that covers the whole country, including the islands of Skye, the Lewis, the north, the east, the channel of Caledonia .. ., so with a few travel guides, along with small stages published in wikiloc, some tourist brochures, the occasional bicycle touring blog, and many pages on the Internet, we are getting enough material to design a tour adapted to the days we had available, and at the same time allow us to sweep as much of the country's surface as possible and visit as many points of interest as possible.
The route has been a circular route through practically the entire continental part of the country and some of its main and best known islands.
We only leave aside The Uplands, in the south, border region with England that consists of high plains in the form of a plateau, and the Orkney Islands and the Shetlands, which are too far away and require long journeys by ferry.
We start from the capital Edinburgh, and go through the Lowlands (lowlands), in the center of the country, a depressed region due to the geological accumulation of sediments. It is the area that houses the majority of Scotland's population and contains its two main cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow. In this area also include cities such as Stirling and Falkirk, and magnificent natural landscapes such as the Loch Lomond National Park and the Trossachs.
We continue through the Hebrides Islands, on the west coast, geologically composed of very old rocks and that is available in a rugged and rugged way. We will access the islands of Skye and Lewis by ferry to ride through some of Scotland's most spectacular scenery.
The tour continued through the Highlands, in the north. It is made up of low mountain ranges, among which the peak of Ben Nevis, with 1,344m, the highest in Great Britain. It is the area with the lowest population density, but without a doubt the best endowed landscape.
From Inverness, we cross the east coast, passing through the cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, and the wonderful St Andrews, until we return to the starting point Edinburgh.
Scotland is home to one of the largest remaining natural páramos in Western Europe, a refuge for fauna and flora that can be seen in the countless lochs and mountains of the northern Highlands, on the coasts of the Outer Hebrides, on the coast of Mull ... It is also a territory that invites you to adventure, where you can walk through the tundra plateaus of the Cairngorms, balancing the narrow ridges suspended between the rocky peaks of the Cuillin on the Isle of Skye, sailing in kayak between the islands of the Outer Hebrides inhabited by seals, and take a quick boat ride among the white waters of the swirl of Corryvreckan. In summer, the beaches of the Hebrides boast of its golden sand and turquoise waters as if it were the Caribbean, although the weather does not allow its enjoyment as it would be desirable.
Scotland is a land in which every corner of the landscape is anchored in the past: a deserted farm on the shores of an island, a plain that was a battlefield, a beach where the Vikings disembarked, caves, hundreds of castles that testify to the turbulent past of the country. These are battles that played a vital role in the formation of a nation, which are remembered and revived in places like Bannockburn and Culloden.
Like a good malt whiskey, Scotland dazzles the traveler with a suggestive mix of spectacular scenery and sophisticated and cozy cities and small towns with a lot of charm, penetrating sea breeze and dark peat waters, outdoor adventure and exciting history, all This is due to some of the less populated areas of Europe.
Scotland, with its ghost stories, its romantic ruins, its heather covered heaths, its Loch Ness monster and its colossi with skirts and bagpipes, is a source of undying images.
But nothing embodies the quintessence of Scotland as well as the sublime landscapes of the Highlands, dotted with haunting ruins to which more photogenic, rugged and beautiful mountains and mysterious lochs covered by mist.
The coastline, although not ideal for bathing due to the temperature of the water, also contains some wonders: cliffs that are dyed red at sunset, fjords worthy of a Scandinavian postcard, traditional fishing villages, extensive pristine beaches ...
The historical and architectural heritage of the country, fruit of a rich and hectic history (marked by wars against the English), is not far behind.
Scotland covers about 81,610km², with a length of 441km from north to south, and varies between 39km and 248km from the east coast to the west. It is divided into two geographical areas: the lowlands and the Scottish highlands. The coast is surrounded by hundreds of islands.
It currently has a population of just over five million inhabitants. Its capital, Edinburgh, is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Europe, with a population of around 500,000 inhabitants. Called the Athens of the North, it is the seat of the Scottish Parliament and the gateway to the mythical Scottish Highlands.
In short, a perfect route to enjoy another long-distance cycle tour, with more than 1600km ahead and 15 days long.

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  • angelluisiglesias Nov 30, 2016


  • Nacho Port Salvi May 29, 2017

    Hola! Estoy pensando en ir durant 11 dias en bicicleta saliendo de Edimburgo. Me podríais recomendar alguna etapa imprescindible o algún consejo? muchas gracias por adelantado!

  • francis676767 May 30, 2017

    Buenos días,

    Sin duda, hs escogido un pais, magnifico para el cicloturismo.
    Etapas imprescindobles, no sabría que decirte, a mi me encanto toda la parte oeste de Escocia, si tendría que elegir desde Fort Willians hasta la isla de skye, pasando por Fort Augustu, Dornie (Su castillo visita oblidaga), ya en la isla Skye , toda la isla merece la pena
    Algun consejo?, llevate un buen chubasquero!!!!!.
    Que disfrutes de Escocia.

    Un saludo


  • Nacho Port Salvi Jun 6, 2017

    Hola! Muchas gracias por la respuesta Francis! Estoy programando mi ruta según tus indicaciones y se me ha ocurrido que quizás pueda coger un tren a Inverness desde Edimburgo y empezar a bajar desde allí. Si me tuviera que saltar algúna etapa, crees que Glasgow-Edimburgo es lo más prescindible? Gracias!

  • francis676767 Jun 7, 2017

    Que tal!!
    Buenos dias, Glasgow no lo visitamos, sin embargo si creo que no debes perderte el lago Lomoch, exidte un carril bici que rodea todo el lago ( en mi opinión más intersante que el lago Ness), sin olvidar la ciudad ee Stirling, icono de la lucha por la indepencia de Escocia sobre el Reino Unido, visitar lo que es en la actualidad,imagen de Escocia, los Kelpies, ya muy cerca de Edimburgo.

    Si necesitas más ayuda me puedes pasar tu e.mail y te envío en formato pdf, todo nuestro viaje, etapa por etapa, com muchas fotografias, así como todo detalle de la ruta.

    Hicimos la ruta en catorce daís , si no recorres el oeste del pais te podría venir bien las etapas que realizamos, adaptandolas a tu criterio

    Un saludo


  • Photo of jonaga71

    jonaga71 Jul 25, 2017

    Hola quiero hacerte una consulta el tema de llevar la bici en avión al llegar hay consignas para poder dejar la caja de la bici para al regreso aprovecharla gracias un saludo voy a realizar la ruta este agosto salgo el próximo fin de semana.

  • Photo of paco marti cuevas

    paco marti cuevas Apr 2, 2018

    Francis, por favor, pásanos el PDF de la ruta. Vamos en Agosto, y pensamos no entrar en Edimburgo porque el Fringe hace intocable el alojamiento. Como vemos etapas de muchos kms, agradeceríamos ver el trazado, y tb pensamos ir a los campings. Lo de la lluvia, está contemplado. Ya estuve y sé que es normal. No es Valencia. Gracias

  • Photo of Magic Ebikes

    Magic Ebikes Nov 2, 2018

    Gracias por compartir!
    Es una gozada leer el relato de vuestro viaje.
    Muchas ganas de poder hacerlo, aunque, un circuito más corto.

  • Photo of mansur

    mansur Mar 21, 2019

    Muy buen viaje, veo que haces muchos kms x día, vas x asfalto? Pistas fáciles? Mucha subida o desnivel? Le paso mi email y si es tan amable me envía el psf cn la documentación, será mi primer viaje en bici, gracias.

  • Photo of mansur

    mansur Mar 21, 2019

  • Photo of Néstor Nélida

    Néstor Nélida Apr 26, 2019

    Me ha encantado leer el relato completo. Que bonito. Ojalá pueda yo emularos.

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