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near Brives-Charensac, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (France)

(CAT) Ruta en bicicleta per anar del camping municipal d'Audinet (Brives-Charensac), a la vila de Le Puy en Velay a través del carril-bici senyalitzat.
Arribats a Le puy en Velay, deixem les bicicletes al parquing del costat del Camping i anem a peu fins l'església de Saint Michel d'Aiguilhe.

(FR) Itinéraire cyclable pour aller du camping Municipal Audinet (Brive-Charensac), dans la ville de Le Puy en Velay à travers de la piste cyclable balisé.
En Le Puy en Velay, laissez les vélos dans le stationnement à côté du Camping et nous marchons à l'église de Saint Michel d'Aiguilhe.

Le Puy-en-Velay (French pronunciation: ​[lə pɥiɑ̃vəlɛ]; Occitan: Lo Puèi de Velai [lu ˈpœj ðə vəˈlaj]) is a commune in the Haute-Loire department in south-central France near the Loire river. Its inhabitants are called Ponots. The city is famous for its cathedral, for a kind of lentil, and for its lace-making.
Le Puy-en-Velay was a major bishopric in medieval France, founded early, though its early history is legendary. According to a martyrology compiled by Ado of Vienne, published in many copies in 858, and supplemented in the mid-10th century by Gauzbert of Limoges,[1] a certain priest named George accompanied a certain Front, the first Bishop of Périgueux, when they were sent to proselytize in Gaul. Front was added to the list of the apostles to Gaul, traditionally sent out to reorganize Christians after the persecutions that are associated with Decius, circa 250. As with others of the group, notably Saint Martial of Limoges, later mythology pushed Saint Front and the priest George back in time, and tells how George had been restored to life with a touch of Saint Peter's staff. The expanding legend of this St. George, which, according to the Church historian Duchesne is not earlier than the 11th century, then makes that saint one of the Seventy Apostles of the Gospel of Luke, and tells how he founded the church of the [civitas] que dicitur Vetula in pago Vellavorum—as the settlement of Ruessium began to be called during the 4th century: the city "called Vetula in the pays of the Vellavi" was how a document of 1004 termed it.[2] Vetula means "the old woman", and pagans were still making small images of her as late as the 6th century in Flanders, according to the vita of Saint Eligius. This was the first cathedral at Le Puy.

Saint Michel d'Aiguilhe Chapel.
Following St. George the founder, later medieval local traditions evoke a legendary list of bishops at this chief town of the pays of Le Velay: Macarius, Marcellinus, Roricius, Eusebius, Paulianus, and Vosy (Evodius), all of them canonized by local veneration. It will have been from Bishop Paulianus that the Gaulish settlement of Ruessium/Vellavorum received its Christianizing name, Saint-Paulien. A bishop Evodius attended the Council of Valence in 374.

In the early 1180s peasants of Le Puy, led by a carpenter named Durandus, formed a conspiratio (sworn association) called the Capucciati (because of the white hoods they wore as a sign of their conspiratio). They challenged seigneurial dominance in a short lived attempt at reformation

Camping Bouthezard


Camping Municipal d'Audinet


La Borne


La Loire


Parquing velos

Religious site

Saint Michel d'Aiguilhe

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