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  • Photo of Cairo - Bahariya Oasis -day2 (Bicycle Tour in Egypt)

Time  10 hours 52 minutes

Coordinates 10101

Uploaded December 2, 2014

Recorded November 2014

1,082 ft
588 ft
92.46 mi

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near Dār as Salām, Al Fayyūm (Egypt)

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The final stage of my cycling trip to Egypt takes place from Cairo to the Baharia oasis, a 370-kilometer journey in the desert. When much earlier I was in Siwa I wanted to go directly to Bahrain via a road linking Bahrain-Siua, but that was impossible because they informed me that this road is closed for safety reasons. So I put this route in the end through Cairo.
Having spent a cold night in the wilderness, the second day of the journey is sunny but very windy in the first 66 kilometers. But then he turned to a favorable (changed and slightly direction the road) and helped a lot. And the second night of desertion was cold and I was not properly prepared. Winter has gotten for good.


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