20.2 mi

Elevation gain

141 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

141 ft

Max elevation

49 ft



Min elevation

-15 ft

Trail type



4 hours 13 minutes




September 30, 2019


August 2019
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49 ft
-15 ft
20.2 mi

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near Borkum, Niedersachsen (Deutschland)

This bicycle trip takes you around the island of Borkum, and also includes a visit to the beach and a dune with observation point on foot. The trip starts and ends at the bike rental near the station in Borkum. You arrive to the island either from Emden ( or the Eemshaven ( , and then take the free train to the center of town. There are multiple bike rental places in town. There are a lot of places to eat and drink something, in town, around the beach entrances, in Ostland and around the harbor near the ferry landing.
From the bike rental you cycle along the station and around the new lighthouse to the boulevard. Below the boulevard is a beach and across a small bay we saw seals lying on the sand (at low-tide). You cycle along the boulevard to the Strandpromenade, a mixed cycling/pedestrian path. This cycling path takes you past the most northwestern point of Germany, with the Vordünen dunes on the left and the beach beyond. You follow the Strandpromenade to the end and turn inland just before a beach café. Cycling paths take you through the dunes and small bushes towards the airport. Here you follow the Ostfriesenstrasse. We went to the beach at the FKK-beach (nudist beach to the left, normal beach to the right), because the waves are higher here. There are restaurants at the beach entrance and on the beach. The beach is broad. After returning from the beach you continue on the Ostfriesenstrasse to Ostland, a hamlet on the eastern side of the island. You take the Grebhahn’s cycling path towards the lookout dune Steerenklipp at the easternmost paved point of the island. Here we had a look at the lookout point, and then took the narrow and paved but bumpy (‘klinkers’) cycling path on the dyke along the salt marshes on one side and pasture (Aussenweide) and the Tüskendörsee lake on the right. If you prefer a smoother path, you can also take the road inside the dyke (with less of a view). You ride the dyke all the way to the end and then take the cycling path along the Reedestraße and the railway to the ferry dock. You take a look at the harbor and then turn back to town on the cycle path along the other side of the railway, with a better view. At the end you follow the Anton-Scharphuis-Weg through the Woldedünen and the Greune Stee woods to the Süddünen. You cycle on the edge of town and the dunes towards the small lighthouse (Kleiner Leuchtturm), and then to the Bürgermeister-Kieviet-Promenade with a nice sea view. A bit further you cycle into town to the Old Lighthouse (Alter Leuchtturm) and then back to the bike rental.
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Alter Leuchtturm

The old lighthouse
Information point


Cycling path through woods and dunes
Train stop

Borkum station

The train station in the center of Borkum
Information point


Boulevard with view of beach with bath houses
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Boulevard with view of the beach
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Cycling path Reedestraße

Cycling path along the Reedestraße and the railway line to the ferry dock. The other cycling path has better views both sides of the Reedestraße
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Cycling Path Reedestraße with a view

The second cycling path along the Reedestraße and the railway line on small dunes with better views than the other cycling path
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End of the dyke and start of the dunes

Ferry Dock

Here the ferries from Emden and Eemshaven dock, and the railway line to town starts. You may not cycle inside the ferry dock grounds. Photos made during the ferry trip from the Eemshaven

FKK Strand

Bicycle stand and restaurant at the entrance to the beach. To the west of the entrance is nudist beach, to the east not. The waves are better here than on the beach near town.
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Grebhahn's Pad

Cycling path from Ostland to the dyke
Mooring point


Harbor next to the ferry dock
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Kleiner Leuchtturm

Small lighthouse
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Narrow cycling path on dyke

Very narrow cycling path (one bicycle wide) on the top of the dyke. Good views
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Neuer Leuchtturm

The new lighthouse
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Path at harbor end

Path at harbor end with windmills and view of the sea
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Rundweg Waterdelle

Bicycle path in the dunes
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Salt marsh

Salt marshes ('kwelder' in Dutch) are along the entire dyke. At this specific spot a lot of common sea-lavender ('lamsoor' in Dutch) was blooming.

Steeren Klipp viewpoint

Viewpoint on a dune. You have to leave your bicycle below in the rack.
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Mixed bicycle/pedestrian path along the beach and the dunes on the north-western side of the island (along the most northwestern point of Germany).
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Salt lake in the mixed salt marshes/pasture between dyke and dunes


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