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Time  5 hours 6 minutes

Coordinates 4938

Uploaded November 14, 2014

Recorded November 2014

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near Asyūţ, Asyūţ (Egypt)

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Continuing on the Nile route today I made 100 km at a fast pace (for the pounds that carry this bike) since I still had the patrol to follow me though and as I have clarified I did not ask for it. In fact, they are alternating patrols when I reach every new area where they have a responsibility. The midday heat climbs here at 35 degrees Celsius.
And the Sohag where I arrived is a city built on the Nile bank and a tourist destination as well.
40 days in Egypt bike tour, cycling day 12, trip day 19.
(More information for the biketour at www.cycleway.info)


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