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25.45 mi

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near Kočevje, Kočevje (Slovenija)

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I'm not 100% still.
Good breakfast today. The hotel told me "you are very optimistic" while leaving.

I have come out late, the day, like yesterday, but not so cold, it has made less and less until the end.
Exit in flat, after a collsacre and a few hills. Highway very busy and sometimes very alpine with large firs. The snow has disappeared. Downhill to the border with Croatia, a great border for home. The guards faced boring, some playing with the cell phone, I would also be bored in this hole.
A few meters later, Croatia received me with the first climb and a 10% billboard. It has been 10Kms I would say dolomitics. When Delnice appeared, in the middle of a new window and a very fine air, I decided without hesitation a moment, which was enough for today. Tomorrow rising.


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