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Uploaded March 2, 2015

Recorded February 2015

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4,373 ft
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near Claggan, Scotland (United Kingdom)

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Second day skiing on Scotland. Today we chose the highest mountain, Ben Nevis or Beinn Nibheis.
The start point is close the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel although that way is not the best to ski. We start with skis on our back across the river by the bridge Nevis. On the other side continue on a path paved known as the Pony Track.
In steep climbing under heavy snowfall, there is ten centimeters cumulated of snow.
Approximately at 400 meters above sea level, we approach at the Red Burn gully. The steep becoming softer and the amount of snow is enough to put you skins and skis on the feet.

The Lochan Meall an t-Lake Suidhe is nearby and we take some photos. Turn right making a long diagonal going to a big blade to the west following the path, the west ridge.
We continue gaining meters with a wide and beautiful views of the valley of Glen Nevis. Always leave the ravine to our left, the Coire na h-Urchaire looks very nice to descent.

At 1150 meters above sea level, the route begins easy and the slopes soft. We are in a wide loin considered dangerous in case of poor visibility.
We arrive on the summit few minutes after, which there is a small shelter with a small door next to the landmark indicating the highest point. At the top, we are the only people that use mountaineering skis.

The fog allow us to take some photos, eat something under a nice scottish weather and descent.
Firstly, we follow the ascent track but when we arrive at the Coire na h-Urchaire we follow the gully
enjoying an amazing powder snow, attentive but some stones hidden under the snow. Approximately at 525 meters above sea level, we have to continue the descent walking.

15km 1350m +


Second day of backcountry skiing in Scotland. Today we opt for the highest mountain, the Ben Nevis or Beinn Nibheis in Scottish Gaelic.
The approach is to depart from Glen Nevis, specifically from the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel despite not being the typical ski route. We started with the skis behind us crossing the Nevis River over the bridge. On the other side we continue on a cobbled road known as the Pony Track, summer route.
On a steep climb we gain altitude quickly under heavy snowfall, which in a short time leaves five inches of new snow over the already fallen in recent days.
At about 400, we approach Red Burn Canyon. The steep slope starts to get softer and the snow is enough to put skins and climb on your feet with the skis.
We have Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe Lake nearby. Without reaching it, we turn right and make a sharp diagonal, going in the direction of a wide west facing shovel to continue gaining height with wide loops and beautiful views of the Glen Nevis valley. The ravine that we always leave on our left, the Coire na h-Urchaire, is the one we look carefully at to descend.
From 1150, the route begins to lose incline. We are in a wide hill considered the danger of this mountain in conditions of poor visibility. There are many accidents every year as there is a good timbre on both sides of the ridge.
We reach the summit a few minutes later where we find a small shelter with a small gateway right next to the highest milestone. On top, we are the only ones going with skis.
The fog seems to be unwilling to rise and the sun shakes its head. Rigor photo and eat a little and down.
From the descent, we continue the route a few meters but immediately turn right to avoid the wide rise trail.
When the slope begins to accentuate, we will look for the aforementioned stream to enjoy an impressive dusty snow, attentive but of some stones hidden under the snow. Some woe and noise from scratches escapes between us.
We managed to get to where we started to slip with the skins, approximately at 525 meters. We unravel a bit and undo the way back where the fallen snow melts quickly.

15km 1350m +

Ben Nevis


Glen Nevis Youth Hostel


Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe


Nevis Bridge




Red Burn


West ridge


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    Caroline2 Mar 3, 2015

    Molt bona ruta al sostre d'Escòcia.

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    ratillaman Mar 3, 2015

    I pensar que no volies pujar-hi mamonasssooooo!

  • Photo of ratillaman

    ratillaman Mar 3, 2015

    Extremly scottish nice day!

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    joanoriol Mar 3, 2015


  • jaumepb Dec 12, 2016

    Començar amb el dia ven tapat i acabar amb un dia espaterrant i amb una neu pols.............Espectacular.

  • jaumepb Dec 12, 2016

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    Amb bon temps i bona neu, un recorregut espectacular.
    Amb condicions climatològiques dolentes la cosa es pot complicar una mica...

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    ratillaman Dec 12, 2016

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